Tips for Hijab in Hot Weather

Clothing for hijabers is certainly different from women's clothing in general. They must wear a head covering and all-round clothing closed. The clothing often triggers a burning sensation, especially in tropical countries like Indonesia. Hot weather makes some people lazy to move outside the home, but actually, it will not happen if you choose the right clothes and improve the quality of your health. Because, not only interfere with comfort, hot weather can also trigger fatigue and several conditions. The following are some tips on hijab without feeling hot even though the weather is hot. Choose materials that are Friendly to Hot Weather In addition to having to cover the nakedness, things you need to consider when choosing hijab clothing is the material used. There are various kinds of materials used to make clothes. However, not all of them are suitable for you to wear in hot weather. There are several ingredients that tend to trap heat on the skin, reflect heat back to th…
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